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Media Coverage

Visit of state secretary Prof. Lukas at the HADES detector at GSI. Source: Carola Pomplun

Nature News & Views
Prof. Elfner's recent contribution in Nature about the rotation of the quark gluon plasma.

Podcast Wiki
Video interview with Prof. Elfner about the focus of the research group and opportunities for Bachelor and Master students.

Video documentary about relativistic heavy ion research and visualization with Prof. Elfner.

Frankfurter Rundschau
Article on the occasion of the professorship appointment with Goethe University.

Group Activities and Highlights

Visit to Palmengarten in November 2021

Funny description.

Standup Paddling in Summer 2020

After a quick round of basic instructions, the group was able to explore and enjoy the Main river and its beautiful surroundings from atop boards.

Only parts of the group fell victim to passing boats and took a semi-voluntary dive in the Main. No SMASHies were harmed during this social activity.

Third Place in Φ-Fa Soccer Tournament of 2019

Despite the absence of team captain Prof. Elfner, the official SMASHies soccer team was able to prevail over strong competitors and reach semifinals.

The group learned that it was never about winning first places or shining trophies, but about the friends one makes along the way.

SMASH release party in December 2018

After 6 years of hard work, countless days of coding and documentation sprints sprinkled with moments of despair as well as of relief, SMASH-1.5 could finally be released.

Of course, this achievement called for celebration along with one or the other cold drink. Thankfully one of our former SMASHies took precautions to make sure we'd be beverage-wise all set.